What to Use: Hand Dryer or Paper Towel?

What to Use: Hand Dryer or Paper Towel?

The Bremmer Electric Commercial hand dryers are the perfect devices for your business. Whether you have a diner, a coffee shop, or a restaurant, the device will make sure that everyone leaves the establishment more satisfied and cleaner. Forget the paper towel! If you have an efficient device to clean everyone’s hands, why stick to the old-school way?


Hand Dryer vs Paper Towel

The battle of the hand dryer and the paper towel is more than just about technology and traditional cleaning method. People have different opinions and thoughts about the cleaning system. Some people prefer the hand dryer, saying that it is more efficient and faster. Some, on the other hand, prefer the traditional paper towel which is claimed to be safer and healthier because it limits bacterial spread and existence.


Cost Consideration

In case you are choosing the hand dryer, you have done nothing wrong, actually. It is only normal that people expect efficiency and effectiveness in their lives. We all have our shares of busy and hectic schedules, so it is only logical if you expect some help with your cleaning system.

The hand dryer is definitely faster when cleaning off the hands. The hot air circulation will dry off the water droplets from your hands in a matter of minutes. No more scraping off the paper towel to get your hands cleaned off. Paper towel, however, is more expensive because you are going to buy another roll and roll after the current one runs out. Imagine how much money you are going to spend if you want to include the paper towel in your life.


Choosing the Right Device

There are so many different hand dryers out there, making the process fairly complicated and overwhelming.  Think about the cost factor and also the included features if you want to make sure that you do a worthy purchase.

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