The Multipurpose Materials: Key Clamps and Galvanised Steel Tube

The Multipurpose Materials: Key Clamps and Galvanised Steel Tube

That’s right. They are multipurpose and versatile materials. They can be applied in a wide arrange of ways. Do you want to build a handrail for your garden? Or do you want to build roof edge protection? Parkour practice frame? Fish tank shelves? Key clamps and galvanised steel tube are your friends.

From handrail to parkour practice frame and fish tank shelves. Yes, they are that versatile. Below, we give you some examples of how you can use key clamps and galvanised steel tube.

Ready? Let’s start.

As a banner frame

Yes, they can be used as a banner frame. You can see some large retailer with stores throughout the UK use them. They place it above their sitting areas in all of their stores. You can emulate this if you want.

As a handrail, a garden handrail

The handrail is one of the most common applications of key clamps and galvanised steel tube. People who use them as handraila handrail, includes fencing companies, ground workers and builders. After all, the main functions of handrail are to provide protection from a fall and to ease the access to some location. So, it is not surprising if those groups use them as a handrail. The handrail installation varies from very short, flat runs through, too long and complicated rails where there are changes in elevation and height.

If you have an established garden with situated sitting and or resting at the top of a steep flight of steps adding a handrail is a good option. Why? Not only it is useful to assist access to the garden, it can also add aesthetic value to the garden as well. But, if you want to use the handrail to enhance your garden’s aesthetic, some customization might be needed. Adding coating color, for instance.