Starting to Learn about Medical Term

Starting to Learn about Medical Term

If you Learn about Medical are going to take medication training or we are interesting to learn about medication, we will need to learn about the basic medical term. Unfortunately, the medical term does not use regular English words. Some of us may have difficulty to understand and remember it. Mostly, we will need to know the meaning of the medical term. We could start the medical term from prefixes and postfixes. It will help us to memorize the terms. For the aspiring doctors or nurses, this knowledge will help them or us to easily learn about medical term

The prefixes

One of the common prefixes in medical term is “bio-”. The meaning of bio is life. We could find it on the “biology”  first aid trainingwhich means the study of living things. Then, there is “carcin-“. It means pertaining to cancer. We could find it on “Carcinogen”. And it means a substance capable of causing cancer. “Cardi-“ may be the term that we commonly hear. It means pertaining to the heart. It could be found on “cardiomyopathy” that means chronic disease of the heart muscle. “Dsy-“ could another prefixes that we will find often on the medical term. The prefix means bad or difficult. We find it on the “dysphasia” and it means a disruption causing a difficulty in speech.

The postfixes

“-dynia” is one of the postfixes which we will find more. It means pain. We could find it on the vulvodynia and it means chronic pain syndrome. Then, we may know about the postfixes is “-gnosis”. It means knowledge and we could find it on the “diagnosis”. And it means identification of the cause of something. “-asthenia” is the postfixes which mean weakness. We could find it on the Myasthenia gravis. It means a chronic disease characterized by muscle weakness.