Silhouette Papercut

Silhouette Papercut

A sweet gift for our family does not always have to expensive things. Our mother does not need jewelry to show how much we love her. Then, our father may not want a car to tell that we care about him. A sentimental gift can be a small thing that means deep for us and our family. A personalized family tree art could be a great gift to remind all of us as a family. Otherwise, it could be a silhouette paper-cut. This crafted gift can be made from our picture. We can start selecting our photo album to make this beautiful gift.

Making silhouette paper-cutframed pink family tree

The silhouette paper-cut is taken from our favorite photo. The photo could be the one that includes us and our family  or our loved one. The paper-cut art which is made from our picture will be made into handmade papercut. The picture may be just for the pattern. But, it will turn out to be a beautiful custom-made artwork. Besides silhouette of a picture, we can add names or words on the artwork. Besides choosing the picture for the silhouette, we can pick the color for the silhouette too. It could make the artwork more personal

The occasion

This silhouette artwork could be a good gift for our partner as anniversaries or valentine day. We also can make it for our family members forpersonalised family tree their wedding. It could be a perfect gift for mother’s day or father’s day. Birthdays present also could be special with the silhouette artwork as the gift.

As a gift, this artwork will be exclusive. Even though we give it as gifts to all the people that we love, it will not be the same. Everybody will have their moments, and then the picture will be different. It is perfect to show how much we love them.