A Home Outside Your House Building

A Home Outside Your House Building

A home is a place we go to if we want to be at ease after a hard day at work. Even if a house supposed to mean much for us, not all people actually care about how their house looks like.Worse than the house itself is the garden. People tend to think of garden as a space to plant trees and flowers. Not many understand, not only a beautiful garden will enhance the beauty of the house (and eventually increase the selling price), a nice garden will also make us feel more peaceful at home.

Some people would say, well, I don’t have the budget to hire someone to build my garden for me. I’d say, let’s try to make one ourselves.To design our own garden, the most important thing we have to do is to decide the theme of the garden.

 Choosing a Garden Theme

By theme, I’m not talking about all Disney or ninja theme. There are many garden themes, but some of the most popular formal garden, Asian theme, and tropical garden.


The formal garden is what we usually see on castles. They will have a symmetrical shape, with a clear and symmetrical pathway, and usually a pond or water fountain. The plants can varied, anything we want, basically. But they are supposed to be grouped, so they don’t look cluttered. We can add some formally furnished teak garden bench and some stylish pots as accessories.

alu garden furniture


Asian garden, on the other hand, is usually cluttered, with sand or stone as the dirt. The plants, of course, are Asians. Such as bamboo, dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, or flowered fruit trees. To make it even more stylish, we can add some Chinese lanterns, a water basin, and gazebos for sitting area instead of chairs and benches.


Unlike the two themes above, trees in tropical theme garden are usually large and have lots of leaves. So, this kind of garden will be nicer in a larger space. For accessories, colorful, huge containers are fun. The good furniture to accompany this type of garden is an aluminium garden furniture, something around aluminium sun loungers and leaf ivy cast set.